Staff: Jari Fredriksson (jarif)

Hello! I'm an IT professional in Finland. I started with computers in 1985, when I worked at Nokia Computer factory in Karamalmi, Espoo. I learned to program computers, and that felt interesting ;) I started my professional career 1989 at Network Banking Systems Oy (NBS) as a programmer/consultant. NBS was a startup working on banking systems on light weight PC technologies in LAN networks. I was there in a rare position to be one of a team producing banking system from start and learn all that it takes. From very early I found myself concentrating into M2M solutions like

  • import of currency, stock and option market data from exchanges and maintain customer portfolio values in real time (more or less)
  • interbank payment systems (PMJ), where bank transfers were sent and received between Finnish banks in a private network
  • I was project manager and worked out a requirement analysis for a new Customer Connection to bank's system. We did not realize the potential of Internet (yet) and our solution was based on current concept of batch transfer based end user access. I designed and implemented the database Back End for the bank end, while a collaborator Datamatics delivered the Kermit based Front End.

In 1995 I resigned and created Bitwell Oy to continue my work.

  • I designed a client software for the end user for bank as "Interbank for Windows". That connected to the banks machine using Tele Finlands "Telesampo" portal using an analog modem. Client connected to Telesampo using analog modem, X.25 network, or via tcp/ip. Because of that architecture the banks' service needed to connect to Tele's network using tcp/ip. (Which was great for later refactor to Internet - the switch was just a configuration change!)
  • bank's ATM system was created by ICL Data, and I created the back end system and connector into the bank's central system. That system is known as POLT
  • POPS was the system between banks to exchange data for instant bank payments/transfers and cheque verifications and things like that. We built that on top of the POLT
  • I did some other systems too at the time, but mostly time went on maintenance and upgrades of the banking system, afterwards

Off to computer security. I started as a consultant at "K2 Data Solutions Oy" (K2) at 2005. We were in the business of Identity and Access management (IAM) and Security information and event management (SIEM). I created some in-house systems for customers and also studied and gained certificates for IBM Tivoli IdentityManager and IBM Tivoli AccessManager. K2 changed its name to Digital Identity Solutions Europe Oy, and started a bold growth. I have worked at DISE with the DISE Datamaster -product first as Lead Developer and then Senior Developer, and that is still my main job. Bitwell Oy was on idle from year 2000, when I changed my status to an employee. This site ( is a hobby at moment, while I ponder that
I have strong interest, knowledge, experience into following, in addition to being a Senior Software Engineer:

  • Linux Server Administration
  • Linux and Network Security - as a "White Hat"
  • Years experience in all aspects of Email, Email security, Antispam technologies

These have been a hobby for me all these years. I do that all the time. I did that in Bitwell Oy. I did that in K2. I do that at home, where my LAN has DNS servers, File servers, mail servers, Web servers, Backup Servers for nightly backups, and more. If I do this anyway, why not transfer and convert that knowledge into common good? This site will keep me busy while not working in programming.