I offer services to entrepreneurs, to small eCommerce owners. To small Web site owners, that

  • want to concentrate on their business without hiring a full time network/IT admin.
  • don't bother to know everything about IT security and low level tech details
  • want to use Wordpress, Drupal, or other light weight tech on an Apache server
  • want to send email from their site, so that it does not end up to receiver's Spam folder
  • have their site unmaintained and because of some vulnerability lately compromised, possible encrypted requesting money to resolve it

This I can do, and there surely is need - globally. There is surely enough work to do for a small entrepreneur like me! If not straight away, with some marketing why not? For Web Shops/eCommerce sites

  • Site building - create website on standard components, Drupal
  • Web site building from scratch to some cloud provider: create everything as a turnkey solution
  • Site cleanup, remove malware, spam, etc. from standard components, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.
  • Email system works, create new or secure an existing email system so that the mail will survive and end to Inbox
  • Other: anything doable for me and possible help from subcontractors I can get; is possible and negotiable

What I do not do

  • Web scraping - harvesting email addresses from web, or questionable business
  • Mass emailing. I will not help to create spamming sites. However sending email to site customers is fine.
  • Large programming projects: My main job at https://www.bitwell.fi is for that and sold out currently.

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